Irreplacable You


Going through a breakup or don’t want to date for a while or just taking a break from dating app. We are with you. You don’t need someone to take you out on a romantic date. You can take yourself out too. Trust us spending time with yourself and rejuvenating your soul is actually good sometimes. So our team will design a perfect date plan for you or send you some awesome gifts.

How this is going to work

  • We respect your privacy so if you wants to tell us what you like dislike you can answer our call or mail and we will take necessary info or our social media team will stalk you and find out things which will make you happy and plan something exciting for you.
  • We will plan lil surprises for you which make you smile or some time might burst into a laugh.
  • Will figure out places, food or activity which will make your day.

Cancellation Policy

No. There is no cancellation allowed. There is no back out while spending money on yourself.

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