Hexagonal Explosion Box



  • First box ? Diameter 30cm ,Height 18 cm ,you can put 6 photos of 15 x 13 cm
  • Second box ? Diameter 24 cm, Height 14 cm, You can put 6 photos of 12 x 10 cm
  • Third box ? Diameter 18 cm, Height 11 cm, You can put 6 photos of 9 x 7 cm.
  • One small jewellery box.


  • Customisation details (photos, messages, etc.) required for this surprise can be uploaded in the order form immediately after the payment is completed.
  • In case you?re busy then, we can also email you the order form.


  • Your secrets are safe with us, along with your personal details, photos and anything else you share.
  • All the files you share to customise your order are permanently deleted after the surprise is completed.

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