Halloween House Party -2019

2,500 1,000



When the shadows are lurking,
And spirits feel seen,
You know you must beware
This is the night of halloween!

Yes! The Night of Halloween is nearing and we at PDE Poppers are offering you everything that’s terrifying, terrorising and MORE!

Be prepared for a spook fest with A house party that’ll be filled with Horror movies, binging on Halloween candies and snacks, Reminiscing about the spooky encounters you and your fellows have had!

And most importantly a Darn Spooked up Surprise waiting to give you tachycardia for sure!

So calling out all the Horror Enthusiasts!

Join us with your friends in this night of terror and experience the stuff that nightmares are made of!

Date – 31st October,2019
Time – 0800 PM onwards
Venue – Koregaon Park,

Be prepared to be spooked! Booooooo!