To all the lovely people who are soon going to be our family ?

  • Our team is full of artistic, talented, funny, young, chill individuals who take fun very very seriously.(party emoticon)
  • We help artist, creator, stylist makes living doing what they love.
  • We look for an artist who is independent and pour their heart and soul to make each and every romantic setting, Gifts, surprises which will take your breath. (Not in literal sense)
  • A small section of our team consists of housewives, young artists from orphanage, highly experienced artist from old age home (because age is just a number).

We are so so excited to be part of your life. Let us make it more adventures, Romantic & Fun.

PDE Poppers Pvt Ltd


  • We arrange some amazing theme parties
  • You will get to meet new interesting people around you.
  • Tell us your stories make us part of your stories. Or else we just create one
  • And lets be freindsssssssssssss.


  • We set you up with amazing romantic, adventures date packages
  • Your date doesn’t have to be gf/bf we have some amazing date ideas for your parents, friends, even your boy/girl next door 😉 😉
  • Just book any idea which you liked on our website then leave it on us to make it romantic, adventures, movie style 🙂
  • We will take care of setup, food, drinks, we handpicked some really good location because restaurant dates are so out of dates now.


  • Be a part of some awesome 1 or 2 days escape plan which our gamers has created but its not your mobile game. Its real life game where you’ll get romantic rewards for couple and Amazing rewards for singles, group of friends.
  • In every task or clue you will never know what’s coming next.
  • It will be like your own adventures dream


  • Our artists pour love in every handmade gift they make
  • We are not lying you will actually feel the love when you’ll receive gifts and hold it ❤️❤️


  • Our stylist will help you to choose clothes which will bring out your personality and confidence but you know what? it will be in your budget. We will give you online, offline assistance.
  • And how can we forget about our apartments, our decor artist will make your apartment not only place to sleep but place to live (HOME SWEET HOME)
  • And we will make sure it won’t make big holes in your pockets.


  • We have some awesome ideas to prank your friends
  • You can also tell us how you want to prank them. We will together scare the shit out of them. (Don’t tell anyone ! Its our own secret ! SHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!)